Discover a premium Brown Bear, Fallow Deer, Wild Boar and Eurasian Woodcock Hunting Ground "Venari" in Janja Gora near Plaško in Lika region, Croatia
Take advantage of this exclusive hunt for a mature fallow deer in the widerness of Croatia
Following a big scoring boar in the forest of Janja Gora can be a really good test for your stalking, spotting and shooting skills
Experience bear close up, hunt and shoot. We give you the chance to come home with a fantastic hunting story about meeting a bear
With their size, speed and rapid, zigzagging flight pattern makes Woodcock a very challenging to shot
We are ready to accept your reservation
We are ready to accept your reservation

Hunting ground

Janja Gora, Plaški - Lika

Hunting targets
Hunting area
3000 HA

Our rangers have long experience of wildlife hunting and are ready to take you out on new and exciting adventures.

If you are a hunter and want to try a hunting holiday in the Croatia to hunt brown bear or wild boar, or king of the forest - fallow deer, the hunting area of Janja Gora - Plaški is full of opportunities. If you want a individual or combo hunting just contact us.

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  • Seeing, hunting and shooting a wild bear is one of the most impressive experiences a hunter can have.
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  • It’s no surprise that deer is on our Venari amblem. Deer has been hunted for centuries in the forests of Janja Gora.
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  • Following a big scoring boar in the forest of Janja Gora can be a really good test for your stalking, spotting and shooting skills.
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  • Woodcock are hunted as game, and their size, speed and flight pattern makes them a very challenging shot.
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Janja Gora is a village in the municipality of Plaški, in the Lika region of Croatia. It is located 9 km northeast of the municipal seat at Plaški. Plaški is situated in the lower part of the Ogulin-Plaški valley. Together with Gorski kotar and Lika, the Ogulin-Plaški valley forms Mountainous Croatia. In the opinion of many lovers of nature Plaški it's a place where nature lovers can spend a pleasant and interesting holiday in the closeness with nature offering great mountain views, breathtaking water springs or gorgeous trees, attractive hunting or trout fishing on rivers Dretulja and Vrnjika). For history and culture lovers Plaški represents a good opportunity for dedicating yourself to hiking or mountaineering to discover the history and culture of the surroundings.

Stuning nature

Trout fishing on Dretulja and Vrnjika

Plaško valey

Spend your vacation active


Breathtaking mountain views


Nice accommodations in Plaško

Who we are? - About us

Privately owned company Venari d.o.o. is legal hunting ground concessionaire for Janja Gora. Company headquarter is located in town Sibenik but at our hunting ground you can always reach our officialy licensed ranger - Zvonko Conjar.

We offer magnificent experiences in pristine Croatian wilderness. Whether you are a game watcher, bird watcher, outdoors enthusiast or hunter, Janja gora has something for you. Vast mountains, clear river streams, magical forests and southern Europe’s top five: bear, deer, boar, woodcock.

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